Scanner Features

Scan N Go create and deliver the User experience, bespoke according to industry, application and our clients specific market needs

Scanner <span class="mil-accent">Features </span>
Fully automatic tire ​ inspection and binding ​ of vehicle information​
Scanner <span class="mil-accent">Features </span>
AI-powered tire damage ​ recognition and information ​ Identification​
Scanner <span class="mil-accent">Features </span>
Detailed inspection report ​ with high resolution images ​ for data storage​
Passenger or Commercial

The Tire Scanning Process


HD Images + Video taking | Info. Bonding through LPR​ | Tire sidewall | Wheel hub​

Data Processing

Image Processing | Info. Recognizing (Brand + Production date)​ | Defects AI Identification:​ Scratch, Bulge, rim, crack, Nail

Data Display

HD Images & Videos | Detailed ​ Inspection Result Display​ | Suggestion + ​ Safety Warning​ | Data Storage in ​ PC & Cloud​